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Electronic Charge Spraying System

ECSS produces negatively charged droplets, which are attracted by the positively charged leaf. A negatively charged droplet has an abundance of electrons, while a positively charged droplet has an abundance of electrons.

It is also possible to use electrostatic charging technology while in the air to create positively charged droplets that will be attracted by the negatively charged leaf. However, it is important to remember that the droplet is exposed to air and moisture during flight. While the positively charged droplets gain electrons and become ECSS positive, the negatively charged droplets used in the ECSS sprayer do not emit any electrons to the air or moisture.

Feature’s of Electrostatic Charge Spraying System

  • Compact design.
  • Repairable nozzle.
  • ECSS uses automatic control valve system and the button in front of the operator to turn the boom on and off.
  • ECSS has an automatic control valve system in front of the monitoring operator to avoid over and under-watering during spraying and to spray with uniform pressure.
  • As the design of water tank and air filter is compact, there is no problem in low height garden.
  • All parts available at economical rates and short lead times.

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