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"I am absolutely thrilled with the results we've achieved using the Electrostatic Charge Spraying System from Sahyadri Aerospace Pvt Ltd.

We primarily used it on our grape crops, and the results were nothing short of remarkable. Not only did we achieve higher yields than anticipated, but the precision with which the system sprayed was truly impressive. It ensured that every nook and cranny of our crops received the necessary treatment, leading to healthier and superior quality grapes.

I highly recommend the Electrostatic Charge Spraying System to anyone in the agricultural sector looking to elevate their crop management practices. With this machine, you're not just investing in a piece of equipment; you're investing in the future of your farm."

Onkar Mali, Palus Sangli

"The Electrostatic Charge Spraying System from Sahyadri Aerospace Pvt Ltd has truly impressed us. With its precision and efficiency, we've achieved exceptional results on our grape crops, surpassing our expectations. What's even more remarkable is that the price is significantly lower compared to other machines on the market. It's incredible to see such advanced technology proudly made in India. Even Sahyadri is giving very quick maintanance service with good pricing"


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Electrostatic Charge Spraying System